Traditional Martial Arts
Chun Tong Moo Do

Dr. Jerry P. Galloway, Ed.D.,
Master of Taekwondo

Inductee:  USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame - 2001
Gold Medalist - 2002 USTU National Championships
5-Time National Medalist

Vice President - 1994-2001
Indiana State Taekwondo Association

Member:   USA-TKD
USA Taekwondo - National Organization

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Jackie Galloway (GrandDaughter) - Highlights #1

Jackie Galloway (GrandDaughter) - Highlights #2

Masters Gary & Dr. Jerry Galloway Demo
Texas State Fair 2007

Master Jerry Galloway - Palgue Oh Jang - Online

Traditional Martial Arts is a system of Taekwondo that teaches Chun Tong style of Taekwon-karate.  Chun Tong Moo Do, Traditional Martial Arts, was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1983 by Dr. Jerry P. Galloway, who received his black belt in the Chayon-Ryu system.  In Merrillville, Indiana, from 1990-2005, Master Galloway was the Vice President of the Indiana State Taekwondo Association - the state branch of the United States Taekwondo Union - for over 7 years.  Chun Tong is an eclectic style  - a mix of Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido and Kung Fu.  The history section will show this rich and comprehensive background and our close relationship with the origin of these arts.

Be sure to see the Products link in the Control Panel and the electronic media for some of the most rare forms (poomse, hyung, kata) and original versions difficult to find in today's modern world.  And checkout the new 5th Edition of the Reference Manual Textbook at the top.

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