Brief Biography

Dr. Jerry Galloway started his own family of 4 as a teenager and worked to develop the lives and education of himself and his family. He first began hands-on computing as an IBM-360 mainframe operator in the late 70's in Houston, Texas. After a Bachelor's Degree in Logic and Law School at the South Texas College of Law, he earned his Doctor of Education degree at the University of Houston in 1987 with some of the earliest work on helping beginning teachers learn to use instructional technology.

First, a professor at the University of Houston, Dr. Galloway then served for 16 years as the Coordinator of Computer Education and Associate Professor of Education at Indiana University Northwest. He since served a few years at Georgia Southern University, Texas Wesleyan University and The University of Texas at Arlington. He has published dozens of articles, a number of textbooks and a variety of CD media materials. He also serves on the National Social Science Associationís Board of Directors and as an editor for i-managerís international Journal on Educational Psychology.

Through all of this, Dr. Galloway managed to develop a considerable range of personal endeavors and avocations that became the defining aspect of his identity. These include (a) almost 45 years performing as a drummer, musician and vocalist; (b) operating his own martial arts academy for 25 years, achieving the rank of 5th degree master of taekwondo, and winning a U.S. National gold medal in 2002; (c) he has worked as an actor, stage performer, and stunt coordinator; and (d) enjoying the skies as a private pilot. He is an amateur astronomer, lectures regularly for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and owns his own observatory in Lavon, TX. He has recently completed an autobiography detailing lessons learned for family values, fortitude and perseverance.

After 2 years with the College of Charleston, SC, in instructional technology, Dr. Galloway now lives in the Denver, Colorado, area and works online with Walden University.  He serves as chair and committee member on doctoral dissertations and research for students working to complete their doctor of education degree.