Dr. Story Musgrave and Dr. Galloway at the JRO

On May 15th, NASA Astronaut, Story Musgrave visited the Jacqueline Rose Observatory.  Galloway and Story talked about light pollution, telescope tracking, the Hubble telescope and views from space.

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See the incredible tale of Dr. Musgrave below.

Galloway and Story (left) discuss meteorites, Apollo missions, his love of the earth and more.

Below he presents on "mother earth" - beauty and function - with special emphasis for educating today's youth.

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 The incredible tale of Dr. Story Musgrave, M.D. -   Astronaut, Surgeon, a farmer, a technician, a mechanic, electrician, biophysicist, mathematician, computer programmer, agriculturist, landscaper, terri former, writer, philosopher, literary scholar, horticulture expert, pilot, photographer, biologist, business leader and father of a 2 year old little girl.

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