Concerns for JRO Visitors  ...  Paper Copy Here
  1. No reason to have unrealistic expectations: you will not see images like photos published in books. The eye, especially at night, does not see color or detail like a long-term photograph.
  2. Many obstacles can interfere with successful image viewing: atmosphere, moisture, weather, temperature, equipment, neighbor's lights, etc.
  3. There are dangers:  moving around in the dark, tripping, falling, bumping your head, etc.  << Beware
  4. Nightly Bugs are out for the evening just like you. Wear bug spray – but do NOT apply bug spray around the equipment or other guests.  Inside an observatory, temperature & bugs are just like outside... dress accordingly.
  5. Do NOT shine or even bring white flashlights around the viewing area. Either get adjusted to the dark or bring ONLY red LED lights.
  6. All equipment is fragile & expensive. Only Dr. Galloway will operate the equipment.
  7. Do not touch or grab the telescope or optical equipment with your hands. That is, do not grasp the telescope as you look into it - except your eye touching the eyepiece cup is okay.
  8. If anything is dropped, moved, damaged - please notify Dr. G. immediately. It's no fun to find it later and, of course, accidents do happen.
  9. The environment should be kept quiet and serious even as we all enjoy the fun and excitement of the sky. Keep off-topic discussion to a minimum.
  10. Children not under the strictest control for noise, movement, or behavior will be dismissed. Children ages 7 and up are welcome but their attention to astronomy is expected.  Dr. & Mrs. Galloway will share in the direction and instruction of children as needed.
  11. IF MEETING OUTSIDE... Do not shine car headlights into viewing area. Turn headlights OFF and drive SLOW as you approach. Watch for small children and equipment.
  12. You may be asked to sign a standard liability release form in visiting the JRO.
  13. If part of an organization or institutional group visitation, a small $$ donation is appreciated.  Nothing is required at all and you won't be asked.