JROC:   The JRO Astronomy Club

Based in Aurora, Colorado

The club operates informally through the JRO
- the Jacqueline Rose Observatory.

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TEEN CLUB:   ...focused on membership and activities for young folks interested in observational astronomy.

Parameters of the club are as follows:

  June 1st Sat.: 

Rain/Cloud alternative... maybe Sunday June 2nd.
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  • FREE

  • Ages  12-19  (exceptions considered)

  • Monthly Meeting / Activity at the JRO

  • No Equipment Required

  • Member Teen participates in hands-on activities

  • Member Teen can bring guests/parents as passive observers

  • JRO Director assists Member Teens in

    • developing activity agenda,

    • conducting observing sessions,

    • ultimately learning to operate the JRO dome,

      • "Big Foot" (the LX200-14" Research-Class Telescope)

      • "Casper" (the 115mm Refractor)

      • Solar Filters for viewing the Sun

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JROC Astronomy Club Sponsors

Our special thanks to all those who support the JRO observatory, the astronomy club and help make our activities possible and more enjoyable.  A small contribution or material support helps us keep the club active and alive.  Plus, you'll receive a Letter of Appreciation and Sponsorship suitable for framing.

Email to be a Sponsor:   Astro@jerrygalloway.com