Dr. Jerry P. Galloway
Astronomy Lecturer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Sponsored by:  Starry Night Astronomy Software

   Dr. Story Musgrave... 

  ...visits the Jacqueline Rose Observatory 

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NASA Astronaut's visit to the JRO
and Wylie East High School -

At Kennedy Space Center
Nov. 2009

Dr. Galloway's Available for
Astronomy Lectures




  • Eclipse: Understanding The Sun & Moon
  • Alien Life & Extra-Terrestrials
  • The Universe: Where We Are, Size & Distance
  • Home Astronomy: What Can You See From Home
  • Our Solar System: A Tour of The Planets
  • The Moon: History, Features & Exploration
  • Asteroids Killing The Earth: Size Matters
  • Hand-On: Real Telescope at Your Night Site